Why some perfumes are expensive?

If you want to buy a perfume right now, you will notice that some of them are affordable, but others are very expensive. How can you figure out what adds so much value to a perfume when compared to inexpensive ones? And also, why do some perfumes end up costing thousands and thousands of dollars? Let’s find out!

Ingredient rarity

Yes, the main reason why a lot perfumes are extremely expensive is because they use rare ingredients. Sure, sometimes brands will add a markup because of their rich history and style, but in the end high prices are always related to the ingredient rarity. This is the one thing that consistently increases prices for perfumes.

In fact, the rarer the ingredient is, the more expensive the perfume will be to begin with. Some perfumes have rare flower petals. Others have oils that are very hard to distill, and then you have orris which is derived from the Iris root. The fact that ingredients are hard to find means the perfume in question will be expensive, and that’s the thing to keep in mind.

Of course, most perfumes don’t have rare ingredients, and that’s where the price difference comes into play. That doesn’t mean a certain perfume is bad if it’s less expensive or if it lacks rare ingredients. At the end of the day, rare ingredients tend to add a specific feel and smell to the perfume. So those rare perfumes have a very different smell to all the others, but they still get to stand out more than you might expect.

Luxury packaging

Of course, ingredient rarity is only one of the factors. There are other things like a very luxurious packaging. Some of the costlier perfumes in the world come in crystal bottles. That means the bottle prices tend to be higher than the perfume itself in some cases. Luxury companies that create perfumes tend to go all out in order to impress their customers, and that’s what really makes them stand out. So you will find a lot of great perfumes that have expensive packaging, and that adds to the overall price.

Expensive marketing

Aside from that, you will also notice that expensive perfumes come with a very expensive marketing campaign. Again, it all comes down to surpassing the competition and spending a lot of money to grab the customer attention. In doing so, the company generates hype around their product and it’s simple stuff like that which helps make a huge difference.


As you can see, expensive perfume prices come from a variety of different things. It’s very important to understand what leads to these high prices, and then we have to see if the desired perfume matches our budget. There will always be luxury products in the world, and perfumes are no exception. Some companies will go all out by adding gold or diamonds to the perfume bottle, others will focus more on the ingredient rarity. In the end, these expensive perfumes are works of art, and they truly stand out in ways it would be hard to imagine!

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