Why some people like specific perfumes while others hate it?

There’s no denying that all of us have a specific perfume we like. However, the reality is that if you have a perfume you like, there’s also most likely someone that will hate that perfume. How is that? Why some people absolutely adore a perfume and others despise it? The truth is that it can be very difficult to pinpoint that. But there are some studies that might be able to help us.

It’s a personal, individual choice

According to a study that comes from the Charles University in Prague, some people like a certain perfume and others dislike it mainly due to the connection the perfume has with the body odor. Since every person has their specific body odor, it’s safe to say that not every perfume will fit them. After all, people select perfumes as a way to complement their own odor.

What that means is that we select perfumes that smell like us, or which complement our smell in a way that’s unique and different. The truth is that it all comes down to biology. Not only that, but emotion and odor are connected within our brain’s limbic part. What happens is our brain associates smells with experiences at times, and that’s why we tend to like a perfume more than other people. That doesn’t mean a perfume is bad in any way. It just means it fits us more than it does other persons.

Is it something wrong if you like a perfume and others don’t?

As we said above, it all comes down to personal choice. For some people, a perfume is amazing. For others, it can be really bad. And that’s exactly why you need to avoid generalization when it comes to perfume. This is one topic that’s very subjective. Our road in life, our culture, experiences, all of them bring us around specific smells.

Those smells are the things we are looking in a perfume. Since every person has a very different life to anyone else, it’s easy to see why we gravitate towards a perfume and not the other. If someone chooses another perfume, that’s fine and normal. We need to realize that we have our own requirements and predestination towards a certain perfume. That doesn’t mean they are choosing something wrong. It’s just their pick that works in their own situation.


As you can see, just because others don’t like your perfume and you adore it, that doesn’t mean you made a wrong choice. If anything, picking and enjoying a certain perfume is a very personal experience. There’s no right or wrong here, since every person has their own things they enjoy, they live their own life and are predisposed to different situations and emotions. It goes to show that in the end we all have our own choices when it comes to perfumes, and none of them is wrong, it’s just different. Try to avoid comparison with perfumes that other people love and enjoy, because every perfume’s perception is specific to every person!

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